A Family Tradition

High quality shrimp, Ecuadorian product.

Our product is delivered to many destinations around the world.

We take care that our shrimp approve the highest and strictest quality standards. From its departure from the sea, during the packing in our modern facilities and in the hands of the final customer, it will always maintain the freshness that characterizes and makes unique the experience of eating the best shrimp in the world, with your family, your friends and in all important occasions.

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Attention To Details

We are a company that has been adapting in response to the demands of international markets.

We offer a range of shrimp products that include: whole, raw or cooked in several packaging presentations depending on the requirements of our customers. Our products can be conventionally grown, without chemicals and organic.

We offer the following freezing processes to your shrimp: Rapid Individual Freezing and Freezing in Block.

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